Take Flights theory is very simple and effective:

-Perform in-house maintenance and services for any company or individual aircraft owner so that cost and down-time are kept to a minimum.

-By performing required inspections, troubleshooting, repairs and checks at your location, the owner/operator or DOM has more control over the work in progress. 

-Our 24/7 operation utilizes our resources with tech support for individual aircraft companies. By getting them directly involved, down-time is significantly reduced.

-Provide AOG services anywhere in the U.S. and Caribbean for companies we support.


Take Flight is exceptionally diversified in its ability to perform maintenance. Matt has assembled a team of highly-qualified and experienced technicians who are known and well respected throughout the aviation industry. We have built a well-earned reputation for excellence, which has translated into a strong partnership with both the South Florida and Federal branches of the Federal Aviation Administration. Our team incorporates individuals that currently work as Directors of Maintenance and/or Crew Chiefs for major Fortune 500 companies.


The primary focus for Take Flight has been in the Corporate Jet industry; supporting private and managed aircraft with their individual maintenance needs.

- Consulting services for individuals and companies ranging from a single aircraft purchase to developing and running a complete FAR Part 135 charter business.

- Aviation Maintenance Management for any aircraft needs

- Performing Pre-Buy inspections

- Putting aircraft on certificate

- Conformity checks and requirements 

- Rvsm manuals

- Performing logbook research, record searches and aircraft tracking support with CAMP, CMP, AvTrack and CAMS

- Provide turboprop and piston aircraft maintenance on such aircraft as Beech King Airs, Cessna Caravans, De Havilland and Piper Aircraft

- Close working relationship with such industry leaders as Duncan Aviation/Avionics, E & I Aircraft (X-Ray & NDT), Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream and Bombardier

- Structural repairs and both major and minor airframe modifications

- Sheet metal fabrication & installation

- Modifications and 337s- Interior repair, modifications and professional carpeting replacement

-12 & 24 month avionics checks, troubleshooting and compass swings 

-Years of experience maintaining seaplanes such as the Grumman G-111 Albatross, G-73T Mallard and the G-21 Goose

-Both routine and non-routine maintenance

-Line service


In addition, Take Flight has extensive experience in the support and maintenance of transport category aircraft:

-Ability to maintain major airline aircraft, with experience on both narrow and wide-body aircraft from Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas.

-Experience with aircraft power plants from General Electric, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney